8 Ways to Survive NYFW

Author: Samantha Lampkin

With it being the end of the year and having the holiday cheer in the air that only means one thing... New York Fashion Week is just a few months away!  For the lucky group of models, instagram influencers, and PR extraordinaires that get to attend New York Fashion Week and all it entails, we have 8 great tips to help you survive while you are going from runway shows to lunches to parties.

  1. Stay Central.

    First things first, before you even get to New York (if you are traveling in) is to make sure you book a place to stay in a central location! There are so many things to do in a day during NYFW, that having a centralized spot to check in when you need a quick outfit change or rest is ideal and will make your life so much easier.

  2. Easy Accessible Car Service.

    As we all know from watching every show based in New York City that has ever existed, it is extremely difficult to hail a cab!  We are in the age of Uber and Lyft and if those aren’t downloaded on your phone you are missing out on one of the purest most convenient joys of our day.  Make sure you have a car booking app so you can easily call your ride, or traveling changing room, to get you to your next event! Or even better…treat yo self to a private chauffeur for the week!

  3. Bring Business Cards.

    Make sure you have some sort of business card that states your name, company, and what you do!  If New York Fashion Week is good for one thing, it is making connections and building beneficial relationships!

  4. Have Snacks & Water Handy!!

    Make sure you are staying well fed and hydrated. NYFW is not for the weak-spirited and you may be missing out on meals due to your packed schedule… So, make sure you are taking care of yourself out there! Always have a good snack and bottle of water on you! Drinking all the water and eating all the snacks will help keep your head in the fashion game.

  5. Stay Charged Up!

    If you don’t already have one, invest in a portable charger! We all love our smartphones, and more importantly, being on them constantly. During NYFW you want to make sure your battery is alive and kickin’ the entire time! You don’t miss out on posting those amazing Instagram stories.

  6. Comfort…

    Wear those comfortable shoes fashionistas!! We know how cute stilettos or boots with four inch heels can be but when you are running around from event to event you want to keep those dogs happy and quiet. No barking here!

  7. Plan Your Days!

    I know this is down on the list but it is still very important… Plan your days!! Make a schedule and have an itinerary of all the events you want to attend. There will be so many things happening all at once during NYFW that making a plan beforehand of everything you want to see and do, will help keep you as efficient as possible.

  8. Plan Your ‘Fits!!!!

Last but CERTAINLY not least, plan your outfits! I know this may seem difficult for the indecisive and chronic overpacker (me!) but trust me, it will save you! If you know exactly what you are going to be wearing for each event it will make getting ready and changing in those short windows so much more doable. But hey...definitely pack a few backup extra outfits just in case... You never know what last minute event you could attend!

We hope to see you at NYFW February 2019!